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“It’s my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Allen Miller as a contractor and builder. Over the past year, Allen has done four design/build renovation projects in my house. This house is an 80-year-old Tudor with lots of those hidden “features” that come with older houses, so each of the projects has presented a number of unique challenges. I have found Allen to be a very creative yet practical designer who is able to listen carefully to my ideas and goals and translate them into effective, attractive and, most significantly, affordable solutions . He is very knowledgeable about older houses and building techniques and styles, and he brings this to bear in the design work and in the actual construction. Each project has, at one point or another, required re-thinking or re-working the plan due to some unforeseen obstacle or structural issue. Allen has worked us through each challenge quite adeptly, even cheerfully, and at little or no additional cost. He never seems frustrated, even when the matter has necessitated a work-around and has ended up putting him off his original completion schedule. As a builder, Allen is efficient, attentive to detail and always focused on quality workmanship. He is also very attentive to the residents. Our renovation projects have been in heavily used areas of our house so Allen has had to be thoughtful about minimizing inconveniences to the family…” ...“ When he brings in a subcontractor, he supervises closely to ensure the work meets his standards of quality and neatness…” David
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